Always a Chance - why we do it

James Cooper April 1986 - April 2011
James Kouzaris July 1986 - April 2011

Their murder made headlines around the world, but behind every headline the impact of such a tragedy echos through families and friends.

"There's scraps of paper lying on the grass filled with anecdotes and stories. Condensing every tale, joke and quote into one page is impossible. Even with ten of your closest friends trying.

So many people were lucky enough to call you a friend and we feel blessed to have known you both. We have a friendship group stronger and funnier than any other. You were, and still are, integral to that. We promise your deaths will not be in vain. We are going to make you so proud and ensure your contagious smiles shine on forever.

You were so fortunate to have seen the world. You set off for your own fulfillment not realising you'd leave a mark on everyone you'd meet.

Rest in peace, our friends, our brothers."

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Gun Crime Pollution ....

even the wind left me alone that day .....